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Montana Massage Therapy Laws

Does the Montana Massage Board accept Massage Specialties CEUs courses?*



(1) The board will not preapprove   continuing education programs or sponsors. Qualifying criteria for continuing   education are specified in these rules. It is the responsibility of the   licensee to select quality programs that contribute to his/her knowledge and   competence which also meet these qualifications.

(2) A continuing education   activity must meet the following criteria:

(a) The activity must have   significant intellectual or practical content. The activity must deal with   direct application of massage therapy knowledge, skills, business practices,   or ethical standards. In addition, the board may accept continuing education   activities from other professional groups or academic disciplines if the   massage therapist demonstrates that the activity is substantially related to   his or her role as a massage therapist.

(b) The activity itself must   be conducted by an individual or group qualified by practical or academic   experience.

(c) Continuing education   credit earned by courses, seminars, or workshops must be supportable through   a certificate of completion containing the following information:

(i) full name and credentials   of the presenter, including provider number, if applicable;

(ii) title of the   presentation attended;

(iii) number of hours and date   of each presentation attended;

(iv) description of the   presentation format; and

(v) name of licensee.

(d) It is the responsibility   of the licensee to establish and maintain detailed records of continuing   education compliance for a period of three years, following submission of a   continuing education report.

(3) In general, one   continuing education credit will be granted for each hour of participation in   the continuing education activity.

(4) A licensed massage therapist must earn at least   12 continuing education credits every two consecutive years by the licensee   renewal date on even numbered years beginning in 2012.

(a) No continuing education   is required for licensees licensed less than one full year on their first   continuing education reporting date. Licensees licensed at least one year but   less than two full years on the first continuing education reporting date   shall submit six hours of continuing education.

(b) All licensed massage   therapists must submit an attestation to the board on each even year's   license renewal that they have obtained the required continuing education.

(c) The board will randomly   audit between two percent and five percent of the licensees attesting to   continuing education. Certificates of completion or program documentation for   continuing education credits reported must be submitted upon request of the   board.

(5) Acceptable continuing   education courses include but are not limited to:

(a) courses, seminars, or   workshops taken in person, by correspondence, or online or by other electronic   means;

(b) teaching a course, with   one continuing education credit allowed for each hour of preparation time for   each credit hour offered, and one credit of continuing education allowed for   each hour of presentation time for each credit hour offered, all credit being   subject to proper documentation and none of which may be reused for any   future continuing education reporting period;

(c) published articles or   books with the hours awarded as determined at the discretion of the board;

(d) books or audio tapes   documented by notes summarizing the course content; and

(e) cardiopulmonary   resuscitation (CPR) with certificate.

(6) Notices will be   considered properly mailed when addressed to the last known address on file   in the board office. No continuing education programs used to complete the   previous reporting period may be used to meet the continuing education   requirements for the next continuing education reporting period.

(7) If a licensee is unable   to acquire sufficient continuing education credits to meet the requirements,   he or she may request an exemption. All requests for exemptions will be   considered by the board and evaluated on an individual basis.


History: 37-1-13137-1-31937-33-405,   MCA; IMP37-1-30637-33-405,   MCA; NEW, 2010 MAR p. 2382, Eff. 10/15/10.



*Please read all state laws in entirety to be fully informed.