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Idaho Massage Therapy Laws


Does the Idaho Board of Massage accept Massage Specialties CEUS courses?


54-4912.  LICENSE RENEWAL. (1) A license shall be issued for a  period  of 43    not  less  than one

(1) year nor more than four (4) years, in conformance with 44    rules adopted by the board. Each license shall set forth the  expiration  date 45    on  its  face.  The  failure  of  any licensee to renew his or her license, as 46    required herein and by the rules of the board shall not deprive such person of 47    the right to renewal, except as provided  for  in  section  54-4913(2),  Idaho 48    Code. 49       

(2)  When renewing a license, each licensee shall submit to the board evi- 50    dence  of  the  successful  completion  of board approved continuing education 51    study in the field of massage therapy.  The number of hours of continuing edu-                                                                                                                    6                                                                           1    cation study required shall be determined by rule of the board.