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Continuing Education For Massage

continuing education for massage floridaFlorida is one of the many states that require you to continue your massage education requiring massage education.  When it comes to Florida continuing education for massage,or other states that license massage therapy, Massage Specialties CEUS is the company to choose.  With our easy to order and affordable courses that can be completed from your own home why wouldn’t you choose us.  Our continuing education for massage courses are recognized by the FSMTB and satisfy those massage therapists who took the MBLEx exam to obtain your state massage license.  We are also recognized by the American Reflexology Certified Board. 

In less than 30 days you can be on your way to having your continuing education credits and you could also become a certified specialist in many areas including Medical Theories of Reflexology, Talassotherapy Spa Applications, Foot Massage Techniques, Raindrop Therapy and so many more.   Our continuing education for massage courses are easy to use.  All you need to do is order or download today, once you are complete take our simple test and we will mail you your certificate.  Start making the money you know you are worth.

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We choose the courses that have the most research studies and advancement potential in the field.  Our courses include the history and/or development so you can appreciate the therapy and be excited to perform it for the long term. Our courses also include the background, recent research studies and articles to help you decide if the massage specialty is right for you.  Order our courses and find your new path now.

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