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What to Look for When Choosing a Massage School to Become a State Licensed Massage Therapist

One of the first criteria to look for at a massage school is the hours of a curriculum. The majority of state massage boards require 500 hours in order to sit for the FSMTB MBLEx exam. If a massage school requires more hours than the required 500 hours, ask why. Many massage schools tack on extra hours to make money from their public massage clinic. It is important to receive massage therapy in massage school consistently far more than performing massage therapy.

The next thing to look for when choosing a massage school is the condition of the classroom. Is there a separate massage clinic area from the academic classroom? If the massage school has only one room for massage academia and the massage clinic is a red flag and perhaps that the massage program is only there for the purpose of revenue without much regard for the massage student.

When given a tour at a massage school, do they give you a full tour or just open the door and say there it is? Body mechanics are very important in this extremely physical strenuous career. Make sure the massage clinic has enough room to perform a massage therapy routine. The suggested massage space requirements are nine feet by twelve feet per massage table.

Does the massage school have an open enrollment massage curriculum? This means you can join at any time. This type of learning is very disjointed. If the massage school permits you to join on the first of any month should raise another red flag. To enter the massage curriculum in three month increments would be a more ideal and thought out by the massage school. The best massage schools start a massage curriculum at Chapter one for each student.

Ask when the massage school offers there public clinic. If the massage school offers their public clinic in the middle of the day, as opposed to the end of the day, is a red flag to what is really important to that massage school.

Little things make a difference for your massage education, when you choose to become a massage therapist. How is the lighting in the massage classroom? Is it conducive for learning, or is it dark and gloomy with no fluorescent lighting? This could be a clue that the massage clinic is also the massage academic classroom.

Make sure the massage is approved by the state massage board if that state licenses massage therapy. The added extras are not necessary unless the organization does an on-site inspection. Find out if the approval was done on-line or whatever organization the massage school claims to be approved by has done a physical on-site inspection by that organization, like NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences). NACCAS performs an on-site inspection for each massage school. No online application approvals.

It is your money and you deserve the best massage education for your money. Even if the school offers you a loan, it will be you paying back that loan. So, you must look at it as your money before you sign the dotted line.

See if you can talk to any of the massage students attending that massage school. This would be your best reference in making your decision in choosing a massage therapy school. Ask the massage students how many massage instructors they have had while attending massage school. Ask if the massage therapy instructor had a successful massage therapy practice and if they practiced a massage specialty. Ask the massage license number of the massage instructor and find how long they have had a state massage license.

Ask the massage students if they could start over again would they choose this massage school again? Nothing is perfect but if there are common denominators for the complaints about a massage school then this is a clue to help you make a decision.

Before you sign any dotted line, check reviews on line from a variety of sources. Pay attention if the massage school offers other programs and what the reviews say about each program. When taking a tour at a prospective massage school, is it clean? Use the bathroom, is it well maintained? How about the break room? Open the refrigerator, if they have one, is it clean? It is the little things that can paint you a clear picture about how a massage school is run.

Does the massage school have hydrotherapy supplies, like a hydrocollator, a device to provide cold packs? What type of massage lubrications does the massage school offer for student use? If a massage school is cheaper than others in the area, there is a reason. You do get what you pay for and unfortunately you will not make any more money in the massage field for any more hours than the basic 500 hours requirement. You can take that to the bank.

How do you make more money in the massage field? By becoming a massage specialist and why we do want we do here at Massage Specialties CEUS, like tell you the truth so you do not burn out before your massage student loan is paid for.

Most state massage boards require massage continuing education. Massage Specialties CEUS will be here for you to help you decide on which massage specialty is right for you to advance your massage therapy practice.

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