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Top Five Misconceptions about Massage Therapy

Did you ever ask your clients if they have any misconceptions about massage therapy? Even people who have been receiving massage therapy still have misconceptions but put them on the back burner because they have tried it and decided it is better to get a massage than not to get a massage. This could be a great marketing line when trying to obtain new massage clients. Many people have many misconceptions about massage therapy and here are the top five.

Massage hurts. Massage therapy should never hurt. If massage therapy hurts then the tissue is not ready for the type of technique you are using or the tissue has not been prepared enough to do deeper work. If massage therapy hurts, it should always be in that “good” hurt category. This means there is sensitivity but it stills feels good. If massage hurts you can be guaranteed that this person will not be back as a client unless they like to be hurt which then opens a whole new can of worms called mentally unstable.

Massage therapy is too expensive. This is hardly the case in the 21st century since massage franchises came onto the scene. If anything, massage franchises have cheapened the price of massage therapy for all, even independent massage therapists and another reason why massage specialties are the way to set you apart from the crowd.

Massage therapy is not therapeutic. Massage therapy may not be evidenced-based cookie cutter healthcare but touch has been good for humans for thousands of years. We may use more technology today but nothing has changed about the human body in thousands of years and people are in need of touch more than ever.

Massage therapy is only for people who are into organic food and products. Massage therapy is for everyone that has a body. If you can afford organic food and organic products then you are lucky but that is why massage therapy is especially helpful to help the body be healthy and accept the things we do to the body like not eating healthy and getting enough sleep.

I am too fat to receive massage therapy. Most people do not have perfect bodies and are uncomfortable with their own body image. Massage therapy can help people accept themselves for who they are. Touch works wonders because when you feel good you also think you look good.

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