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I feel very blessed for the gift of regular touch.

It wasn’t until I was caring for dying people, though, that I came to see how many people are actually touch-starved. Even some of those with family around them had not had enough touch in their lives. Some patients were desperate to hold or gently rub my hand every chance they could. A few of them had not felt a loving hug for a long time – years.

I think that large parts of my success in growing close to the people I looked after were due to touch. As I scratched their backs, massaged their scalps, rubbed cream into their feet and legs, or brushed their hair, the ease between us naturally grew and without realising it, the personal nature of the conversations deepened.

An Australian man, Juan Mann, began a practice years ago of giving free hugs to strangers. This movement then spread across the world. I recall spotting him one day in Pitt Street mall in Sydney and immediately went up and exchanged a hug. We both laughed and commented that we each give good hugs. That moment of touch broke up a busy disconnected day for me. Touch can do that in an instant.

Sadly though, there seems to be non-official personal boundaries expected these days in society. But we can change that, one person at a time. A gentle touch on someone’s arm does not have to be intrusive. Gauging people’s boundaries by their response to that touch is possible too.

We are tactile creatures. It is not only a natural desire that we are born with. It is an inherent need. Babies have died without touch. Adults do too. Their hearts break from the isolation.

Share the gift of touch when you can. If you are uncomfortable about receiving touch yourself, please try to consider why and then learn to accept it.

We all need touch. We all need hugs.

As massage therapists, we all know the power of healthy touch, it's what keeps us in business. Always think with good intent when preforming massage therapy to massage clients because all energy leaks through.

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