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The Best 7 Lessons You’ll Learn from Loving Yourself to Great Health

1. If It Doesn’t Grow, Don’t Eat It: Our bodies were designed to function using food and water found in nature. At one time, food from the land and ocean were all we ate. While manufactured food may have been created 100 years ago, modern humans have been around for 200,000 years. Our bodies have not changed, so what happens when synthetic foods are taken into a body that was made for foods found in nature? The body does its best, but we put it under a much greater burden and deny it what it needs to function optimally.

2. Celebrate Your Liver: Your liver weighs about three pounds and sits on the right side of your upper abdomen, under your diaphragm. It is the largest glandular organ, and arguably the hardest working in your digestive system, performing over 500 known functions to support your health. The liver, which is Ahlea’s favorite organ, plays the following roles: filters almost all of the blood in the body; creates bile to break down fats; breaks down hormones; processes all nutrients, including vitamins and minerals; and neutralizes toxins. This workhorse loves us so much that it makes 13,000 chemicals and 2,000 enzyme systems, and it can lose 70 percent of its function and still show no signs of disease.

3. Listen to Your Body: Your body loves you and is designed to guide you to better health. And when your body isn’t happy, it’s going to let you know. Learn to listen to these signals. Know that you have an inner dashboard that you can learn to read as easily as you read the dashboard on your car!

4. Read those Labels: As more people are reading labels, food manufacturers are becoming more creative in the terms they are using. Did you know that Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is often disguised on labels as “natural flavoring” and “vegetable protein”?2 If you can’t pronounce more than three items on the label, leave it on the shelf.

5. Combine Your Foods Wisely: Keep your digestive system happy by eating animal protein (meat, poultry, eggs, dairy and fish) and plant protein (nuts and seeds) with nonstarchy vegetables. Proteins and starches (bread, potatoes) do not mix. Eat fruit alone, on an empty stomach because fruit digests very quickly and combining it with protein or carbs can slow down your digestive system. Always eat melons alone because they digest the fastest of all fruits and tend to combine poorly with other foods.

6. Have Fun in the Kitchen: Some people love to cook—if you have friends or family members who do, invite them over to cook with you. Everyone can contribute ingredients and you can make delicious foods that each person can take home. Magic happens when friends gather in the kitchen.

7. Love Yourself: Always remember that there is one thing that heals every problem, and that is: to love yourself. When you start to love yourself more each day, it’s amazing how your life will get better. You’ll feel better. You’ll get the job you want. You’ll have the money you need. Your relationships will improve, and the negative ones will dissolve and new ones will begin.

1. Lipski, Elizabeth. Digestive Wellness: How to Strengthen the Immune System and Prevent Disease Through Healthy Digestion. (p. 29). New Y ork, NY:McGraw-Hill. 2004. Print.
2. “Review of: Excitotoxins” The Taste That Kills.” Nutrition Digest Published by the American Nutrition Association: vol. 36 no. 4. Web. 21 Feb 2014.

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