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  • Massage Therapists Need to Police the Massage Profession to Protect Massage Therapy

    Are you familiar with the massage therapy informational website called Not in Our Name.org? This website tells the story of when massage therapy is permitted to go unchecked and state agencies just collect revenue without requiring responsibility through background checks, passport pictures on state licenses and finger printing. Perhaps California local law enforcement has had the right idea to protect massage therapists and massage therapy as a profession all along. Something has to be done if there are not enough health care jobs in hospitals or health clinics.

    Perhaps it is time to make massage therapy a real healthcare profession and require a healthcare professional to issue a prescription for massage therapy treatment. It would certainly put a bite in the sex trafficking trade because hopefully healthcare professionals would be less likely to take bribes and be bought off. Is there any other health care profession that does not work under a doctor’s supervision and protocol? This is another reason why massage specialties can be a solution to the dilemma plaguing the massage profession being overtaken by wolves.

    Get involved by informing your local legislators about what can be done to stop the dark side of massage therapy. Keep writing the Lifetime channel about how much they suck to represent massage therapy as prostitution in the show The Client’s List. Or, are the lobbyists trying to change the public perception of what is acceptable as massage therapy? This hurts massage therapy as a legitimate business and invites trouble. It also creates a hostile and dangerous environment for massage therapists. The public tends to generalize and when eyebrows are raised with one massage therapist it is thought that all massage therapists act in the same manner.

    How many Thai massage therapists, or Reflexologists, Reiki or Aromatherapists have been pegged with prostitution? Another reason why massage specialties can distant you from the general impression about massage therapy.

    Sure there shows like Nurse Jackie and shows like Scrubs that feature the problems or absurdity in medicine but the Client List on Lifetime does not portray an absurd or accurate picture of massage therapy and only the distorted picture of happy prostitutes with massage therapy licenses. The writers of the Client List do not tell the underlying story involving sex trafficking which is enslaved prostitution. The show of the Client’s List portrays massage therapists performing sex for fees as a voluntary decision which could not be any further from the truth when sex trafficking or prostitution is involved but then again television is not the truth slayers it claims to be.

    Since everything on TV is owned by a handful of owners which may explain why these few business moguls are trying to pass off prostitution as an innocent hand job and no harm is done. Write to those companies that sponsor their products on the Client List show and include petitions from other massage therapists, family members and friends that will no longer buy the products advertised on the show along with giving negative reviews to others on Face book and other social marketing websites. Money talks and you know what walks.

    Then there is the problem of real client lists in massage franchises that are on the rise. It is the duty of every massage therapist to abide by a code of ethics for the sake of their profession. Every massage therapist that turns their head or thinks they cannot make a difference should maybe find a new line of work and give up their official state license.

    State massage boards make millions of dollars in fees and can afford to perform background checks for those who own massage establishments, or offer massage therapy in their spas and salons. It may be better to feel a bit insulted having to go through the trouble of a background check or fingerprinting or putting a passport picture on a massage therapy license but it is better than feeling helpless by allowing those who sell their soul and profit from others misery involving them in sex trafficking, prostitution, violence and rape against their will under the guise of a licensed massage therapists.

    Not on my watch hopefully will be the new mantra for massage therapists who really are massage therapists to help others legally.

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