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    Are you ready massage therapist for this new fad? Truth is always stranger than fiction. Why would you ever come home from a long, exhausting day at work and just collapsed on your bed, thinking to yourself: I’d give anything to have a bunch of cold, scaly snakes crawling all over my body right now? If so, snake massage might be the therapeutic relaxation product for you. These industrious reptiles will slither their way into your heart by way of your trapezius muscles, constricting your stress levels, and asphyxiating your woes. While some spas that offer the treatment feature a smorgasbord of non-venomous serpents, other practitioners insist that the only option is pythons with their mouths taped shut, presumably to keep them from seducing you with the temptations of forbidden knowledge. While snake massage is a relatively new technique, programs have already sprung up in Israel, Indonesia, Russia, and Thailand. Let the snakes do the work and we don't imply your competition.

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