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  • Why Massage Specialties?

    Because specialization is how the world works now and especially how the massage world has worked for thousands of years. Have you heard the saying a “Jack of all Trades?” Well, that is the kind of how a massage therapy routine is put together when you use a little bit of this and a little bit of that. When you really want to succeed in the massage therapy business you need to specialize just like in the healthcare field. When you go to a General Practitioner you visit the physician for a cold, or the first sign of pain, or a general check up and annual physical. However, if the General Practitioner Medical Physician finds something specific they will then send you to a medical specialist whether that is a pain specialist or cardiologist. Once the general practitioner medical doctor find a specific problem it is then the responsibility of a more educated, specialized opinion. One person can only know so much and that is why we have specialists to specialize and research in depth in that particular field. You are sent to the person that has collected the in depth specific education and knowledge for the type of help which is truly needed.

    The massage field is no different and this is the way it has operated for thousands of years. The different massage specialties represent the different needs of different human needs. Now that science has begun research studies about massage specialties this is exactly what the research studies have concluded about massage specialties. That some massage specialties are effective with some conditions but not with others. And then there are massage specialties that help the other conditions but there is no one massage specialty that fits all. This was the line of thinking for those developers of each of the massage specialties. Someone became frustrated trying to use a massage specialty that did not fit their needs or give them the results they wanted. A eureka moment finally came one day by tweaking this or that through their own research work that took painstaking time of tears, trials and errors for both the client and developer.

    That is why there are different types of massage specialties within specialties. For example, there are four specialty types of reflexology and each reflexology specialty addresses a different condition from an energy imbalance to a physical functional imbalance. There is not one essential oil but hundreds of essential oil scents because each scent treats a different host of conditions. If you just use one scent of aromatherapy all the time for all conditions then you are an expert in that one essential oils, but what about the rest of the scents and that is why it takes so long and the effort must be put in to became an expert. The definition of an expert is a person with a high degree of skill or knowledge of a certain subject. Becoming a massage therapy specialist will also prolong your massage therapy career.

    When you want to move up the ladder from being a general massage therapist practitioner it is the next natural step to become specialized to advance your career. Your clients and patients will even decide which massage specialty they want before making the appointment because of research they have already performed on their own. They will seek you out for your massage specialty as they are looking for an expert for that massage specialty from an article they read or from a friend who recommended that it worked for them.

    A massage specialty gives you a common bond with your patient or client. This special connection is above and beyond than just working with the general public performing massage therapy. As a massage therapy specialist you will be respected more than people rolling their eyes thinking those things that they do when you tell them you are a massage therapist. It is hard to fake performing a massage specialty and the more massage specialties you claim on your business card the less creditability it will actually be perceived by the public. How many specialties does a physician, or physical therapy or chiropractor specialize in? They are experts in one or two specialties and network with others to fill in the gap. This is the way you should operate your massage specialty therapy. Marketing with the above named professions is a great start to get your massage specialty practice started.

    It takes dedication, perseverance and confidence to become an expert in a massage specialty field and that expertise allows you to rise to the next level. This next level not only increases revenue for you but also brings you to the next level of professionalism along with being able to produce consistent results. You could be sought after as a speaker in your expertise or get involved with a research study to establish validity.

    In an era where products have their own specification like for example the iphone5 or Samsung Razor, a specific massage specialty gives you an identity in the field of massage to be sort after. No longer will you be listed in a general category performing a “jack of all trades” massage therapy session. Brand yourself with a massage specialty and become a massage therapy specialist. Clients will be seeking you out especially if you network with others. This is the way of success in the 21st century and oddly enough the way massage therapy has been performed for thousands of years.

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