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  • Can Acupressure Points on The Body Be Lethal

    Movies and bad tv have shown us that by simply pressing down on certain parts of the body can cause unconsciousness or even death. But, how much of this is actually true? Massage therapists be ware or maybe not.

    Pressure points are sensitive areas on the body that can be used as a wonderful healing technique, or a way to cause pain. Whether or not the points can actually lead to death is unknown or usually dismissed by many scientists.

    Pressure points originated in Japanese Martial Arts; a Japanese samurai introduced the idea into martial arts fighting Yoshimitsu, a Japanese Samurai introduced this idea first, he dissected the bodies of men killed in war to better understand the little spots in their bodies. This are took years of training to master, not just anyone could know which angle to strike the right nerve or joint.

    The points were not only used to kill or maim, but they were also used in traditional Chinese medicine. There are many points on the body that when you press or massage bring relief. Such as rubbing the temples or pressing on either side of the nostrils to bring relief from headache.

    What about the death touch?

    “Known in Cantonese as dim mak and in Japanese as Kyushu Jitsu, the touch of death is said to be something like acupuncture’s evil twin,” Cecil Adams writes on his column Straight Dope. “The idea is that chi or energy flows through the body along lines called meridians. A blow or squeeze applied to certain pressure points on these lines will supposedly put the whammy on the victim’s chi, leading to incapacitation or death.”

    There are many martial arts enthusiasts that believe that if dim mak is executed correctly can lead to a delayed death. Other believe that it can cause instant death if applied to the carotid artery r other essential spots.

    But, the truth is the there is little to no scientific evidence that the “death touch” or the pressing of any other point can lead to death. While pressure points may exist as sensitive spots on the body that can aid in fighting and healing, touching or pressing on them probably will not kill you.

    Case reports suggest that incidents [in which pressure or trauma is applied to the carotid artery, and someone dies] are mostly accidents, more often than not unrelated to martial arts training or theory The question remains: Can some dim mak practitioners achieve these results at will? I’m skeptical, but sometimes you have to wonder.”

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