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  • 5 Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump

    Does your energy take a turn for the worse in the afternoon? Here are 5 ways to bounce back.
    By Claire Zimmerman

    1. Stretch

    Stretching for even 20 seconds can have a huge effect on your energy levels

    2. Close your eyes for two full minutes

    Place your hands over your eyes for two minutes, and relish the time you have to sit still and be with yourself.

    3. Tidy up

    Take a few minutes to clean up your desk, wash a few dishes, or straighten up your coffee table.

    4. Call a loved one and tell them why they matter

    It’ll make their day better; it’ll make your day better.

    5. Take a walk

    It’ll get your blood flowing, your muscles moving, and will offer your mind a fresh start.

    Massage therapy is such a manual intensive trade. You must take care of yourself to serve your massage therapy clients and add longevity to your professional massage therapy career. Take care of yourself first in order to take care of others. If you are stressed then that is the energy you are sharing.

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