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  • How to Get Rid & Remove Under Eye Bags for Your Massage Clients

    Michele Smarty
    Contributing Author

    As a massage therapist it is always good to look healthy and refreshed. Here are some tips to get rid of those tiresome bags that can form under our eyes from a long day of performing massage therapy. Tired of performing the same old massage therapy routine? Then change your massage routine with a massage specialty and stand out from the competition. Massage clients seek you out when you become an expert with a massage specialty.

    You can help your massage clients get rid of those under eye bags by placing some cucumber or potato slices on their eyes while you perform your supine massage therapy routine. Have a supply of water to give your massage client after the massage therapy session to help replenish cells.


    Since the under-eye skin is highly sensitive, so treat your face with great care.
    1. Avoid going to bed wearing makeup on your face. As the chemicals in cosmetic items can irritate your eyes at night.

    2.Scrubbing facial skin to remove makeup can weaken it. Try some good eye makeup remover and then gently splash your face with water.

    3.Don’t rub your eyes too much as it dilates the blood vessels and make under eye circles look darker.

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