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  • Seven Easy Ways To Boost Productivity

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    Setting Goals
    So many people feel a general feeling of dissatisfaction in their lives. It can make people feel lost, depressed or anxious. Too many people live lives that make them feel out of control by not controlling their own activities. Facebook, Twitter or the TV many times are not productive actitivies unless promoting a business or producing a TV show. One way to overcome this is by getting crystal clear on what you want. Know what you want to achieve on a daily basis and make these goals the priority! If you don’t know what you want, what’s the point of being more productive? Get clear on direction first! One small step is to make sure your massage therapy room is the most inviting for massage therapy clients each and every day.

    Reassess Your Daily Routine
    What are the first five things you do when you wake up in the morning? Turn on the TV, check your Facebook account? How does this really help you perform your best. For many people, the morning is the most productive time because you’re at your peak energy levels. Make use of this time by doing five things to kick start your day. For example, go for a jog, drink 16 oz of water, meditate for 20 minutes, or make a “To Do” list.

    Adjust Your Sleep Schedule Accordingly
    Adults typically need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Are you under or overindulging in sleep? Experiment with your sleeping patterns and see how many hours of sleep fits you best. Both are counterproductive. If you’re getting too much or too little, readjust your schedule to have adequate energy to complete the day’s tasks.

    Go To Bed Earlier, Wake Up Earlier!
    The early bird has always caught the worm. When your sleep schedule is adjusted, work at getting an earlier start to your day. Early mornings are quiet in most households which give you the perfect opportunity to make your “alone time” as productive as possible. By waking up earlier, you also extend your day, thereby giving you much more time to enjoy.

    Refuel Efficiently
    You’re body needs quality fuel to run efficiently. Skimping out or forgetting about meals means that you’re running on fumes instead of solid energy sources. You can’t neglect your body and then expect it to run smoothly. Compare the input of breakfast choices. Compare nutritional value of your typical meal choices. Choose a solid meal, get solid performance. Massage therapy is hard work, make sure your body is properly fueled for performance.

    Do you ever feel like your body is doing something but your mind is somewhere else? Some people go years without ever being fully present. They move through their daily tasks mindlessly. Breath is an incredible antidote for “auto pilot mode.” Every time you remember, pause and take three deep breaths. It helps bring your mind back down to earth so you can enjoy the present moment and plan your next move. Our meditation for massage therapy course is a perfect course to bring in breathing techniques to your massage therapy session.

    Take Responsibility
    Statements like “life’s too short” or “there just isn’t enough time in the day” perpetuate victim mentality. Don’t blame “life” because you aren’t able to achieve your goals. Take responsibility for the precious time you have. Sure, no one is going to say, "I'll do that massage therapy session for you and give you the money" or “don’t worry about coming in to work today, you need to work on accomplishing your personal goals” but there are ways around that. Ultimately, you’re the only one able to create lasting change in your life. If you’re unsatisfied with the way you’re managing your time, spice it up! Including your food menu.

    By making a few simple changes to your routine, you can find the time and energy to make your day more productive. Massage therapy is a very demanding profession. Help preserve all the energy you can by taking care of yourself and being more organized each and every day. Help your massage therapy clients meditate which adds an extra session of meditation for yourself every day. See our Meditation Massage for Therapy course for massage therapy continuing education needs.




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