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  • Massage Therapy Clients Need to Know What to Expect From Your Massage Therapy Session

    Many of us just expect the massage client to know what to expect from a massage therapy session. We introduce ourselves, lead them to the massage table and give simple instructions about undressing and either be face up or face down on the massage table, hopefully to have the massage client fully draped.

    The more your massage therapy client knows about your massage therapy services the more relaxed and cooperative the massage client will be and keep on coming back for your professional massage services. They may even enjoy the benefits of massage therapy more. Depending on the type of massage therapy being performed, do you ever discuss whether you will use massage oil or lotion and why?

    Do you give your massage therapy client permission to let you know if your pressure is too light, too strong or just right? No matter how many years of experience one may have in the massage field, it is their body and we must operate in their comfort zone.

    Do you ever explain that if you do find a tight area that you will do your best to warm up the area first and be kind upon working on the tight area to increase blood flow through softening the tissue? Letting the massage therapy client know the details will help them trust and be loyal to your professional massage therapy services.
    It’s the little things to educate your massage therapy client before and after the massage therapy session that help a massage therapy client understand why massage therapy should be an essential part of their long term health plan to keep them, well, healthy, happy and feeling the best they can.

    Massage Specialties CEUs is your best source for massage therapy continuing online education. We help you choose a massage specialty to begin your professional massage therapy career a step above the rest.

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