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  • Sex is Not a Massage Specialty

    Although performing sexual favors will indeed make much more money than being a legitimate and ethical licensed massage therapist. Sex in any form is not a massage specialty. Performing sexual favors in any form for profit is called prostitution. The problem is that there is an element that has a strong hand hiding behind a massage license but actually performing sex for profit.

    We are not against sex but we are against those that call themselves a licensed massage therapist and perform sex for money under the guise of pretending to offer legitimate massage therapy services. We are not the ethics police but happy libertarians who abide by a moral core and ethical code and far too much experience to not separate the two. Even massage schools are having a difficult time of keeping sex out of their massage school clinics because sex sells and makes much more money than performing massage services. Just ask those massage therapists who work for massage franchises and burn out before their student loan is paid in full.

    Demeaning sex of portraying women as sexual objects and violence are everywhere and offering legitimate massage therapy services seems to be a thing of the past and not cool enough, or sexy enough, or kinky enough to keep up with how massage therapy is portrayed on the TV like the Client List which is all about drama and nothing about a career. We are in the midst of a dehumanizing and demoralizing era brainwashing souls to no longer take personal responsibility for their actions enabling humans to be in touch with their animal natures. The sell out is portrayed everyday using commercials, shows and songs to sell useless products making them seem important and that you can’t live without them.  Better to kill a family member or have intercourse with the dog next door than to do without.

    Products advertised to be worth million of dollars actually induce low self esteem and help the addiction of operating as a sexual objects producing the following the crowd mentality for fear of being without an standing out as an individual which used to be a good thing not too long ago. Most of the tech products for sale were intended for business use only but then realized the potential profit to the masses. Didn’t someone write a book about this titled 1984?The difference between this fiction and present day reality is that people are volunteering to be under surveillance via Face book, Twitter and being data gold mining from personal online search habits and the lack of backbone on Capitol Hill to protect us from lobbyist’s money. In this vein, we are all disposable consumers and if you don’t consume by spending it all you will disposed of by your insurance, taxes and goods becoming too expensive to purchase so you are left unprotected and vulnerable.

    Free will massage therapy prostitution for profit does not include those licensed massage therapists who were licensed by fraudulent means and being held against their will involved with human trafficking who got caught up in a world and are forced to perform sex by their captives who operate massage establishments licensed by a state massage board who have turned their heads to the problem. This happens mainly because state massage boards make millions of dollars from issuing massage establishment licenses. Another reason to license prostitution so states will not lose revenue generation already configured into their budgets and stop exploiting massage therapy.

    If capitalism really operated fairly for all then prostitution would be licensed to collect taxes instead of providing billions of dollars in cash for a black market. If prostitution was legal then perhaps it would make it harder for legitimate adults and the market of young girls to get caught up in human trafficking and perform acts against their will, but this is a big if and we are not trying to kid ourselves. We are just saying that sex is not a massage specialty is our point.

    Women who permit to be treated as sexual objects voluntarily are the core problem by fooling themselves there is a pot of gold at the end of the sperm rainbow. It is hard to tell a prostitute from a Hollywood star is this generation because men still own the organizations that promise to make them stars as they try out the merchandize firsthand to decide how they will be packaged for the public. One sure way to hold power over someone is to demean them and there is no better way of demeaning someone than to offer that golden carrot of dreams out in front of them but then perform a golden shower and held them captive against their will whether that be physically, emotionally or keeping them as illegal citizens with government permits. There are many “legal” ways to hold someone against their will.

    The women who actually volunteer for such a role perpetuates the problem by taking this easy way of revenue generation to live a life at large with diamonds but broken souls. Pornography is a bigger industry than the profits of Google, Apple, and Exxon combined. That’s allot of money and why it was so easy to take over the massage industry by the biggest powers in the industry hiding behind bigger powers is the way the game is played. (Read, When Patents Attack…Part II.) It’s like Ghostbusters Movie 2 and there is an underlying green slime of power.

    Sex may be as old as the hills but this new generational attitude from having access to never ending online porn and demoralizing advertising disguised as funny and cool are being indoctrinated to treat women and men for that matter as sexual objects to use, abuse and throw away as disposal products. What happens when it happens to your daughter as she enters her first year in university when the statistics are the greatest for sexual assault, rape and abuse? Gonzo sex is not a massage specialty either or consensual sex between two adults because the man is performing the flushing.

    Lincoln freed the slaves in his generation. Who will free those held in sexual slavery in the 21st century? For anyone that is confused, massage therapy is a sensual touch with therapeutic benefits as a result to help insomnia, achieve pain relief, depression, back pain and a host of other issues that may be helped by massage therapy through the act of touch, psychosomatically or by act of kindness. Sex may also help these issues but may bring about back pain, guilt, depression and death when performed against one's will. Any sexual intensity, exchange of sexual fluids or arousal is called prostitution when performed for a profit and is not a massage therapy specialty.

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