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  • Will You Give a Patriotic Massage to a Veteran on the Tenth Anniversary of the Iraq War?

    Do you know a veteran that served in the Iraq war? Did you know that most of the early veterans of the Iraq war signed up to fight in Afghanistan because that’s where they were told the fight was but during training they found out that they were being shipped to Iraq?

    Do you know of an Iraqi veteran who has given their body for their country? Will you massage them as your patriotic duty to thank them for their service? Do you know of a family member who lost their loved one due to the war whether in combat, or from injury or sacrificing their own life because of the horrors of war that they witnessed?

    There are no winners in war whether that war is between a nation, a community, a neighbor, a loved one or a friend. Fighting does nothing to bring out the best in anyone except for the profiteers of war that make a profit from killing creating unbearable devastation for the rest.

    There is no reason on Earth for war especially for those that are God fearing souls. There is not one culture on Earth that is purely evil but perhaps driven to take drastic actions by unfair practices of those who have the power over them. People do desperate things under duress.

    Children are children whether they are Iraqis, African, Palestinian, Asian, Israel, Afghan, American, polka dotted, striped or pastel. It is adults who rob children of their innocence of children and rob them of their childhood with adult ideas of hate, power and ego. Who puts the gun in a child’s hand with the intent to kill? Who is it that steals a child and forces them into sexual slavery or forced manual labor?

    Who is it that deprives a child of their deciding their own future? Who can crush the free will and the individual inalienable right of happiness which is above the law in any country? These crimes against humanity are carried out by the same person that can turn their head and ignore injustice and the same person who only cares that their world is OK on Facebook and has enough to eat.

    Facebook is not the real world because it never shows the real pictures of war. It is a pretend world for the profiteers prying into your privacy making it seem like a service with fun games. The truth of war is never told by the lives destroyed by war, the children born with birth defects from war, the minds infected by war, the water contaminated by war, the rapes that happen by the “good guys”. The truth is controlled as much as it is contrived by the profiteers.

    On the tenth anniversary of this terrible tragedy and one of the darkest marks on American history will you do your patriotic duty by giving soothing touch to someone that did their patriotic duty for you?

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