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  • Support Natural Therapy Specialty Organizations

    We will stick with our philosophy that massage specialty organizations have a true mission to protect the public and to support and do right by their members who are experts in their chosen specialty. Support massage organizations that support your goals to become a natural therapy specialist. General massage certifications make one a jack of all trades and proficiency of none. We feel one gets lost in large organizations that try to encompass all massage specialties and not provide adequate support or proficiency measures for each massage specialty. We claim the larger the organization the less an individual stands out and is just a number.

    How many medicine specialties does your healthcare provider provide? Let the public find you by your massage specialty and provide expert services that massage franchises cannot provide because massage franchises provide general services to the general public.

    The ladder to success is by expertise. The path to burn out is not performing a specialty. All of our massage specialty courses have suggested organizations listed in the back of our continuing education courses.

    Here are some great natural therapy specialty organizations.

    AEOEA - Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Education Association

    ARCB - American Reflexology Certification Board

    BANA - Biofeedback Association of North America

    CHCEA - Classical Homeopath Coach Education Association

    MBA - Medical Biofeedback Association

    NTANA - Natural Therapies Association of North America

    SMCEA - Stress Management Coach Education Association

    TNCAA - Traditional Naturopath Coach Education Association

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