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  • The Female Heart is Functionally Different

    On Valentine’s Day where many hearts are beating in the name of love the female having a real attack is much different from their male counterpart. Whereas almost everything about the male species is external the opposite is true for women experiencing a heart attack. The female operates as an internal creature from emotions to genitals that are held close to her core and the same principle is true for the oncoming signs of a heart attack. A woman usually does not the chest heaviness and acute pain that a man would feel. Instead a woman feels aching in her arms and chest along with feeling nausea and having clammy skin.

    Most women do not even realize they are having a heart attack because the signs are not directly connected to the heart. The usual chest pain associated with a heart attack is only experienced by 30% of women having a heart attack. The majority of women feel an onset of unusual fatigue which is an indication at the beginning stages of cardiac arrest. When this overbearing feeling of fatigue is felt do not delay calling 911.

    There is a feeling of nausea feeling which is usually coupled with a sensation to vomit another typical symptom of a female heart attack along with dizziness and pain in different regions of the body. Feeling pain in different regions of the body may explain why most women operate and are connected to their heart in all that they do. Further symptoms of a female heart attack include restlessness, feeling anxious, dizziness and extensive sweating accompanied with cold, pale hands and skin. While cold hands may be a sign of a warm heart in this case it is a sign of an overworked heart ready to explode or implode.

    Another symptom for about half of women experiencing a heart attack is gasping for air and struggling to breathe. About 40% of women experience indigestion and mistake it for a need to take an anti-acid neutralizer or take an extra dose for acid reflux. Many mild female heart attacks go unnoticed but the abnormalities can be spotted a month before an actual heart attack. As the child bearers of all species, women can endure allot of pain and discomfort but should not pass it off as something else and call their physician immediately or 911 when more than one of the above symptoms is experienced at the same time. That is why it is so important to learn CPR for loved ones and clients because you never know when an emergency happens and why it is called an emergency.

    There are ways to try and prevent a heart attack that include receiving enough vitamin D called the sunshine vitamin which is an essential body nutrient. While we all wear sun block, sun hats and stay indoors to block the sun’s rays. This also blocks the body natural ability to produce vitamin D needed for breast, bone, the immune system and colon health. A vitamin D deficiency almost doubles the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Make sure your physician or health care professional tests for vitamin D levels at every annual checkup.

    While TV watching may pass the time it is also increasing the percentages for having a heart attack or stroke as research studies have shown. Watching TV for more than fours a day not only is bad for the brain allowing advertisers to have their way of infiltrating the brain with repeated messages in making the public buy things they do not want let along need but it also creates a lethargic body and lazy brain patterning with the result of gaining weight from sitting and a lack of doing.

    If your heart feels lonely or empty then volunteer, cook healthy with your kids, wash the car, meditate, write a love letter to your spouse, write a love letter to yourself, get a massage, or a reflexology treatment to feel renewed. Renew a hobby, renew an old friendship, take a walk, walk your dog, visit a museum and read a book in the sunlight, however, this includes reading a book the old fashioned way by turning pages and not on another type of screen.

    Keep your heart healthy with vitamin D, exercise, thinking positive thoughts, eat more heart healthy foods and feel involved and alive with someone or something. The choice is yours. Loneliness is a state of mind that affects the heart. Listen to your heart and body and make it a point not to ignore when you feel something is not quite right or when you are just not feeling yourself. It just may save your life or the life of another. Know the symptoms of a female heart attack and learn CPR for the life you save may be your own or a loved one. Be true to your heart on Valentine day and every day.

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