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  • Infant Massage and Children Massage Therapy

    According to Francis M. Tappan, in her book, Healing Massage Techniques: Holistic, Classic and Emerging Methods; second addition and explains infant massage. Francis M. Tappan is one of the original experts in massage therapy. Her books are simple. easy to read, to the point and very informative

    Because the skin absorbs nutrition, then vegetable or olive oil is especially useful for baby massage. The mother holds the baby on her lap with as much skin to skin contact as possible between herself and her baby. The room should be warm like a bathroom following a bath along with the mother’s hands. Follow an effleurage sequence working outward from the center to cover the entire body of the baby. Rhythm, love and gentle caring are the important components of what should be a daily routine to increase bonding with the baby or child.

    Leboyer speaks of the importance of an infant’s first touch. “Our hands are instruments of our intelligence, our will. The hands must ‘remember’ the slowness, the continuous movement of the uterine contraction, the “peristaltic wave” the unborn grew to know so well during the final months before its birth.  What should our hands say to a new born infant? This is exactly the message the mother and her womb have been saying before the violent womb that expelled the baby during childbirth, but the womb that embraced the baby and full of pure love. What the new infant needs is a slow and deep massage in the rhythm of the womb. The hands travel over the infant’s back, one after the other, following each other like waves. One hand is still in contact as the other begins. Each hand maintaining its steady rhythm until its entire journey is concluded.”

    Therefore, infant massage is between baby and mother, father – or even older siblings and grandparents. All sharing in the joy of love and teaching the infant’s understanding of being loved and cared for by all family members which in turn strengthens the baby’s need to be comforted and how to comfort others as they grow older.

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