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Starting a Massage Therapy Session with the Feet as a Massage Specialty

Beginning with the feet in your massage therapy routine is an instant stress reliever to help save your hands for a long, happy massage therapy career. When deciding to make this major change to your massage therapy routine, you may want to envision how much work the feet actually perform.

We do not walk on our backs, we walk on our feet and our feet carry our entire body weight in every foot step. Starting your massage therapy session with the feet will open up the rest of the muscles in the body which once again will help save your hands from over working.

Trust is gained quickly when the massage therapist humbles themselves by working with the feet first. It’s an ancient thing. Starting with the feet forms an instant bond with your massage therapy client. A good soothing foot massage that lengthens and compresses the foot muscles along with full rotation and compression on the toes will work wonders.

Perform reflexology on each foot for ten minutes will advance your massage therapy effects by affecting the part of the body that carries all of body weight in each step. Specialize in working with the feet first for your massage specialty.

Massage therapists are very creative but we also need to be very effective and beginning your massage therapy routine with the feet will be an amazing experience for you and your massage therapy client.

Please see our spa foot massage DVD ce course, or our reflexology specialty ce course for ideas and insight.

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