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Mayo Practitioners Offer Specialized Massage Techniques to Their Patients

Have you ever heard of the famous Mayo Clinic? Of course you have as the Mayo Clinic sets the standards for advanced medical health care encompassing conventional and complementary medicine. In their own words, “Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education for people from all walks of life. Expert doctors are from every medical specialty work together to care for patients, joined by common systems and a philosophy of "the needs of the patient come first." Mayo Clinic is governed by a 33-member Board of Trustees.”

Please notice the Mayo Clinic describes their expert doctors are from every medical specialty. If the medical community identifies itself for its many medical specialties then why aren’t you as a massage therapist? Do you specialize in massage therapy or just dabble in this and that and cannot identify and specifically explain your own massage therapy treatment session to a potential client?

If you have a state massage license then you are no longer a “jack of all trades” and need to begin a massage specialty practice in order to offer top services to the public. The only way to get a job with a high end medical facility like the Mayo Clinic or five star spas like the Canyon Ranch is to become an expert in a massage specialty. No general massage therapy skills will do. Even Swedish massage is a massage specialty because it is very methodically in its technique although many massage therapists claim they perform Swedish massage.

Let Massage Specialties CEUS open the door to your future with a new advanced career as a massage specialist. Leave those days of not taking control of your future in the dust. Every massage therapist finds out that just obtaining a state massage license is not enough even though it is enough to work legally in states that license massage. It takes massage specialty training to become a successful professional and avoid burn out before your student loan is paid off.

How far can you advance your massage career by working for a massage franchise that cannot sway very far from their signed franchise contract? Massage franchises count on the countless number of massage therapists for employees who do not advance their massage careers and move up the ladder with a massage specialty. How many massage franchises even offer massage specialties?

Massage franchises operate mostly under a one price fits all and that includes the type of massage therapy techniques it offers to the public. It is about price not quality. You can work your hardest for a massage franchise but how much does the pay increase for all your hard work. The only way to increase wages is to perform more massages. It is a quantity atmosphere as opposed to the Mayo Clinic and top notch spas which offer quality services for their clients and patients.

As a massage therapist you do not have to work for the Mayo Clinic or five star spas to operate as a quality massage therapist professional. Avoid massage burn out before your time with a massage specialty which offers quality far above quantity. In fact, clients and patients expect to pay more for a massage specialty. You will not find a massage specialty advertising a one size fits all price. Offering a massage specialty translates to offering quality services.

All massage specialties have a built in treatment plan so the therapist and the client or patient knows the plan of action in advance. Some massage specialties work within a given series of sets to open up the body strategically and other massage specialties perform the techniques in a certain sequence in order to reach their treatment plan goals.

According to the Mayo Clinic’s own description of their complementary and integrative bio:

Expertise and experience. Mayo Clinic's Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program combines conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Doctors and specialized massage therapists at Mayo Clinic work together to coordinate a massage therapy treatment plan for an injury or condition as part of your complete care plan.

This is the wave of the future for massage therapy which will be to be fully integrated with medical facilities especially since massage therapy is considered a health care profession then massage therapy should act as a specialized health care profession and not a massage franchise service that provides general massage therapy where one price for therapy fits all.

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