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Massage Therapy is the Proper Terminology to Use for LMTs

Do you know how important it is to use the term Massage Therapy? It is very important. It is because the term massage is the top search word for prostitution, hook ups and sex. There is a reason we are called licensed massage therapists and why we are no longer addressed as masseurs or masseuses. Massage therapy is the term for therapeutic therapy. Just use the term massage, and you may be attracting the wrong massage client with no so ethical intentions. Use the proper terminology to protect yourself along with being aware of code words for sex instead of massage therapy. We are including the links so you can be aware of code words and protect yourself.

At Massage Specialties CEUS we supply continuing education for licensed massage therapists without the politics or funny business. Our courses are designed to help you move up the massage therapy career ladder with massage specialties while earning continuing education credit to renew your state massage therapy license.

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