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Massage Therapy In The 21st Century: All You Knead To Know Now

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Let's be real.

It is easy to think that massage industry is diminishing. However, data shows that Massage therapy in the 21st century is on the rise.

At least 40% of household claim that they need massage because of their stressful life. In short, our life is busier from all the latest technologies that actually cause a lot of strains and stresses in our muscles. The massage industry has suffered from a lot of obscurity in the past two decades. That is because it is a sensitive subject matter. Most people are naked underneath their drape so it makes massage therapy a very personal and private experience. The relationship between client and massage therapist is a delicate one but has no many benefits for good health. For years, no one really understood all the benefits but everyone knew massage therapy just felt good.

Most statistics will show those massage therapists do not make excellent salaries. That is not absolutely true. They are some high-end practitioners who earn a six figure salary incomes annually from the massage profession.

Proof that massage therapy is not dead?

Unlike a decade ago, massage therapy use is on the rise. Statistics from WHO indicate that by 2020, mental health issues will be among the factors that will be labeled as a disability. Most issues will be as result from the stress overload at work. For that reason, massage therapy will be indeed considered as the alternative to conventional medicine. Massage therapy is certainly more affordable than conventional medicine and more natural.

In support of that data, over the recent years clinical studies have shown 43% of doctors are recommending their patients to seek message therapy to help to ease arthritis pain, or a palliative cancer treatment, along with aiding such conditions as asthma, digestive stress and others. That is because it promotes holistic relaxation for such conditions to help the body normalize.

Additional clinical studies show that regular massage reduces blood pressure and increase blood and lymphatic circular. In short as people grow older and become seniors, the need for massage therapy becomes more vital to maintain good health especially when burdened with multiple conditions.

For those reasons, according to the Aventis health care survey research:

• 39.9% of patients love massage therapy because it is a way for them to relax and rejuvenate.
• 27.5% of the patients need massage to help chronic physical ailments like arthritis, blood pressure and stroke.
• 20.5% of people would want massage because it is way of preservation of their life.
• 12.1% of amateur sports athletes need massage to help them recover from knee or leg injuries.

Looking the current market demand and what to expect.
Massage therapy is estimated to be an $8-$10 billion dollar industry that has a growth rate about 3% every single year. That research was done by American Message Therapy Associations (AMTA) in 2013. In the same survey, expectant mothers also wanted the same services to ease them from normal back pain and muscles tension in their pregnancy cycle.

Looking at the current demand, an average massage therapist charges $70 per hour while a professional massage specialist in with high- end clients claims to make more than $189 per hour dealing with highly profile clients.

The media and other sources claim the average of massage specialist earns average of $69,000 annually. That maybe the majority, however we have few six-figure hitters in this industry like Meagan R. Holub that position themselves as consultants and rake in more money that what an average massage practitioner earns.

In light of that most practitioners either have an office or work in a well-known spa. Most of these service professionals rely heavily on repeat business for their growth of business.

Most massage practitioners that start today will earn less. Not because people don't need the massage but because the massage industry has changed with one reason being massage franchises.

When it comes to positioning, it is not all about being a massage therapist for everybody. That will make you a lowly income. To make it big in this field and move your income to a six-figure level, you need to be a sports massage therapist or market yourself with a couple of massage specialties. Chair massage is a massage specialty and can open doors in the corporate arena. Through corporate doors you may increase your private massage clientele or maybe find a job within the company.

In short, what you earn in this industry will depend on how you differentiate and segment that market that you want to serve. Taking action to promote yourself through the web, social media to make your name and massage specialty service known.

New rising opportunities in massage therapy today

Over the last decades, things have changed. The traditional massage is fading slowly because everything has changed in the 21st century.

And the good news is that the market steadily responding to every change that is taking place in the market. It won't surprise you today to know that there are different types of massage that are increasing becoming more popular and on-demand.

If you have been learning about the massage therapy and you don't know the right place to start. The following massage techniques and types will help you have a head start.

Swedish massage: 33.8% American love it and here is why?

Swedish massage is still so popular today that any profession is capable to have piece of Swedish pie. People love it because it involves kneading as well as performing light to heavy strokes on the muscles. Great for seniors or those in Hospice, or a great relaxing massage for anyone.

The resulting effect from all this motion movement of the hand is relief from muscle tension. It also energizes the muscles.

The Swedish massage involves performing 3 strokes:
• Effleurage: Involves a smooth, gliding strokes to soften tissues.
• Petrissage: Involves squeezing, rolling and kneading the Effleurage.
• Friction: Involving performing deep circular movement to tissues and layers so that they can rub against each other. This helps in increasing blood flow and break down scar tissues.

Deep tissue massage: 33.8% choose this type of therapy.

It is a therapeutic type massage that involves giving attention to specific areas of your body to relieve the client from chronic patterns of pain and tension. It is essential to persons who have muscle injuries such as back pain or sprain. Once deep tissue massage took the world by storm but now the public is realizing that deep tissue is not always the answer. Less is more.

Sports massage: Made for sport professional and they account for 2.4%.

From the name alone, sport massage is made for sport professional. They regularly need this type of massage to help revive from muscle or knee pain.

However, in most cases sport massage is essential in the recovery of tissues or muscles. Special training is needed to work with athletes.

Energy healing massage: 4.2% of the people want energy healing massage.

Most people are not aware whether the energy healing massage exists. However, old folks in the ages of 60 to 90 will benefit from this kind of massage. (Remember 4.2% of the population is still millions of people.)

How to breakout in the 21st Century Massage Industry?

It is easy to blog and post data and statistics but this fails to tell you how to break out in the industry.

However, I will have to admit one thing: Being a massage therapist is not an easy task. Eight hours of kneading somebody's body could end your career in two to three years because of the physical damage that accumulates over time causing burn out. If you want your massage therapy career to last a long time then you need to get massage therapy regularly, eat well and exercise.

But, you love your professional just like everybody does. You want to make a living in it because you want to help. You want client to pay you because you have bills to pay and this demonstrates they appreciate the positive results that they are getting from you. Then here is how to become a productive massage therapist.

Keep fit.

Because of the constant muscle strains in the elbows, wrist, fingers and shoulder, you must eat health and keep fit every single day.

You are already doing a lot with your hands; you should do the same with your whole body so that you become productive.

Constantly Market You.

No legitimate and ethical massage therapist can command a high income like $500 per hour. However, you can earn excellent income with expansion. Like own your own massage establishment that specializes in several massage specialties. The key is to offer something that massage franchises are not offering and positioning yourself through marketing to find the right niche people.
For instance, here is a question you may want to answer.

Who are you: A holistic massage therapist or a sports massage therapist?
What are you known for (3 points): Relieving muscle tension and pain? Relaxation, energy work or working with a sport professionals. You need to know the area of specialization to understand how you can help folks accomplish their goals in your profession.

Relevant information for your clients will help you make more money in this industry. If you have superb marketing techniques, you will have few clients, work less and command higher fees in this industry.
Education and professionalism.

A state massage therapy license is required which includes constantly educate yourself about your massage therapy specialty profession. Current education will help find out effective ways of meeting your clients’ needs and wants in competitive markets.

The fact is massage industry is growing rapidly. This is why choosing a massage specialty will secure a loyal long term massage practice as a result of your marketing efforts. New massage methods are being reinvented every day but are all based on the original massage strokes thousands of years old. Massage therapy is here to stay and the secret to that goal lies in your marketing prowess and the perception of value you create in the industry.