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Massage Specialties Spells Success

Looking for success as a massage therapist? Look no further than pursuing a massage specialty. A massage specialty is your path to success. Why? Massage specialties have been around for thousands of years and provide instant marketing for your massage therapy services. If you observe massage therapy content articles, they are written about individual massage specialties and not general massage therapy. In other words, massage specialties help you to keep your individuality and not get lost in the general public or caught up in massage franchises which are all about price per hour and not service per client.

Massage Specialties will always demand more money than general massage therapy services offered and why massage franchises do not offer massage specialties because of the additional training required to perform massage specialties. Even specifying Swedish Massage Therapy services is a step above advertising massage therapy.

If you are tired of performing manual labor that are breaking your back and hurting your hands adding to the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, then think about being proficient in a massage specialty. Word of mouth is the most cost effective means of advertising for a massage therapist and your massage clients will be referring you automatically with friends in their circle.

Massage specialties has a way of engaging the massage therapy client more, or should we say the massage specialty client is more engaged and excited using a massage specialty. A massage specialty seems safer to talk about with friends than mentioning massage therapy which usually has people rolling their eyes associating massage therapy with….well…you know.

Massage specialties help you receive the respect you deserve from your basic massage education to your advanced training. You will see and hear the difference immediately when you separate yourself from the pack of massage therapists and specialize in a massage specialty.

Our courses here at Massage Specialties CEUS help you to decide and choose which massage specialty you will enjoy the most. Our courses include research studies and those organizations that can help you advance your skills to become an expert instead of taking a computer test and claiming you are certified jack of all trades.

Take back your freedom by supporting the individual massage specialty organizations that really can train and do something for your career instead of taking your money and providing no benefits back. Each course lists massage specialty organizations and not big government, or rip off general organizations that are just in it for the money with a turnstile of the same executive directors who do nothing but receive large salaries but do nothing for the massage profession.

We are for supporting the individual’s success not large organizations which have made a name for themselves through large advertising budgets and an army of attorneys threatening those individuals who are really ethical and respectable. Think twice about organizations your support with fees and ask what do they really do for me?

Massage Specialties CEUS only support those organizations that really do something for the massage profession and the individual massage therapist. We do not support organizations operating by their own rules that change only to benefit themselves. State massage boards answer to a governing body in each state which is why we are only approved by state massage boards and support the American Massage Therapy Association and state affiliates.

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