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How to Settle the Mind

By Chade-Meng Tan
Three ways to rest the mind so you can experience the joy of mental stillness. The simplest, most fundamental, most basic, and most important meditative skill of all is the ability to settle the mind.

1) The First method is anchoring.

2) If anchoring is too hard for you, here is the second method: resting.

3) If resting is still too hard for you, here is the third method: being.

All three practices above, and all practices that settle the mind in general, have two features in common: they all involve some degree of mental stillness and attention to the present moment. Because of that, they all lead to the basic meditative state, which is the state where the mind is alert and relaxed at the same time. When the mind is alert and relaxed, over time, it will calm down the same way the snowflakes in the snow globe settle down, and the mind abides in a state where it is both calm and clear.

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We live in busy realities making up our own worlds and hardly have the time to truly connect with others let alone ourselves. A great way to connect with your massage therapy clients to help them connect with themselves is our Meditation Massage for Therapy. Even massage therapists need to slow down during a massage therapy session and lighten their touch load from all the deep tissue work massage therapy clients think they need. No pain no gain was not intended by the greats that established massage therapy. Less is more. Teach your massage therapy clients more by involving them in the massage therapy session by helping clear their chaotic mind.

Breathe out when performing the effleurage stroke and breathe in when resetting for the next stroke. Invite them to participate for the first few strokes. Having your massage therapy clients involved with meditation during the massage therapy treatment will help reduce talking during the massage session and increase relaxation while revitalizing you, the massage therapist.

All of our courses at Massage Specialties CEUS are designed to engage in your career longevity and satisfaction. This is why we believe in massage specialties and hope our courses help you to find your massage specialty calling. Relax and explore while satisfying your continuing education needs for your state massage license renewal.

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