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As a Massage Therapist Do You Use a Treatment Plan?

Or, do you work off the cuff and do all the work for the massage client without involving them in the healing process? This is what sets apart the professionals from the worker bees that burn out. Many massage clients expect their massage therapist to fix all their aches and pains in one session without any effort on their part. Is this happening to you in your massage therapy practice? Is your massage client expecting too much from you? Things would change greatly if you used a treatment plan and discussed the goal to the treatment plan in advance with your massage client.

Without working with a treatment plan is one of the first steps to the road to burn out for a massage therapist. If you are not using a treatment plan and giving your massage clients homework to do whether that be a bit of stretching or proper posture exercises or even how to distress between massage therapy appointments, then you are doing all the work and the massage client is expecting miracles from you as a massage therapist.

Do you know how to use develop a treatment plan and involve your massage client with homework to do on their part? Are you afraid if you assign homework to do beyond the massage session, or use a treatment plan that you will lose them as a massage client? This is one of the biggest reasons why you went to massage school to become a licensed massage professional in the first place and learn how work in an organized manner instead of just rubbing muscles week to week. Anyone can rub someone and make them feel good without a massage license but as a massage therapist professional this is one way that separates the professional from the layman and also keeps you from working as a massage slave without a rhyme or reason. The massage therapist is supposed to have the control during a massage session and that means establishing a treatment plan.

If your client has low back pain do you assess their low back pain in your massage session first prior to performing massage therapy? Do you perform ROM to understand what movements they perform that contributes to their low back pain? Or, do you tell them to hop on your massage table and you’ll take care of it by just massaging the standard muscles that attribute to low back pain. Every massage client is different and so is their low back pain. Understanding how your massage client experiences their low back pain places your skills on the elite level of being a professional massage therapist.

One way to establish great rapport with your massage client is to have a treatment plan and demonstrate to them why and how they are experiencing the pain in the first place. Reminding them of how to prevent their low back pain by maintaining good posture and by lifting properly along strengthening their abdominals. This is why it is so important to network with other professionals in different fields to really provide a service to your clients. By doing this you are helping your client to make a behavioral life change which does not happen overnight just like one massage therapy session does not totally alleviate a chronic low back problem. This is working smarter instead of harder. No one person can do everything and if you do not have a personal fitness certification then you need to network with a personal fitness trainer to give and receive referrals.

Being a professional massage therapist equates to understanding the source of a massage client’s pain and then working together or with another professional to help correct that problem which goes far beyond one massage therapy session. Do you even suggest how many sessions that it will take to feel a real difference? This is what it takes to build a level of professionalism and rapport with your massage client. It also involves knowing your skills and the tools needed in your tool belt to develop a treatment plan.

By the massage therapy client not being involved in their own healing progression or aware of a treatment plan is a dead end road for the massage therapist and leads to a boring and overworked massage therapy career. That is why it is so important to work as a massage specialist with a massage specialization or massage specialty to address specific issues with massage clients that acknowledge that a partnership must take place and not someone lying on the massage table and say fix me.

Just like it takes two people to tango with lots of practice it also takes more than two people in the healing partnership to make strides in the healing process according to a designed treatment plan. Those massage therapists who truly want to see progress with their clients work with a treatment plan and network with other professionals as opposed to those that work their hands to the point of burn out because they are not sure of what to do as a massage therapist and work way too hard without a treatment plan.

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