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Are you a Massage Therapist that is Present during a Massage?

As a massage therapist, are you present when performing massage therapy on a massage client or are you thinking about what you are going to make for dinner, picking up your children from day care or school, or what you will wear to go out that night? Are you always looking at the clock?

In the book, the Art of Massage (1929), A Practical Manual for the Nurse, the Student and the Practitioner, John Harvey Kellogg, M.D. writes, “The touch of massage is not simply an ordinary touch or contact of the hand with the body, but is a skilled or professional touch. It is a touch applied with intelligence, with control, with a purpose; and simple as it is, is capable of producing decided physiological effects.  This procedure has three different forms of application; passive touch, pressure and nerve compression.”

In order for the touch to be controlled means that you must with present with the tissue and listen to your hands which takes the massage therapist being present with the massage client at all times. If the massage therapist is thinking about other things other than being in touch themselves with their hands is just pushing flesh and are not connected to their massage therapy work.

When applying applications of touch for therapeutic purposes, it is important that quiet is extremely important as well as being present. If the massage client is talking then they are in the sympathetic state and cannot relax into the parasympathetic state which is the goal of a relaxation therapeutic massage. The majority of massage performed in the massage field is a relaxation therapeutic massage.

According to Dr. Kellogg, the massage client should be required to shut their eyes and should not be allowed to speak. The massage therapist should not engage in speaking with the massage client as the massage client is not a friend but a paying customer and be respected as such. All noises and disturbing causes should be suppressed, as it is desirable that the patient’s mind should become quiet as possible, and any disturbance influences sensory impressions of every kind.

For the massage client to achieve the best relaxation experience the massage therapist must be present to apply this controlled, intelligent touch to be considered a professional skill along with a quiet, conducive and safe environment.

At Massage Specialties CEUS we believe in effective, relaxation therapeutic massage therapy and why we stick to the massage specialties that have delighted human bodies and have been around for thousands of years. Massage Specialties CEUS does not believe in renaming the wheel, or attach any ownership to any massage specialty.  We provide information from the greats that placed massage therapy on the map along with massage specialties that have held their place time and are asked for by massage clients by name.

Break away from the pack performing general massage therapy and become a massage specialist. Let us help you on your way to a rewarding massage therapy career by performing a massage specialty that massage clients know by name; reflexology, acupressure, Reiki, lymphatic massage, spa massage applications, aromatherapy, hot stone massag, thai massage, and Swedish massage and many other massage specialties.

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