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ARCB Continuing Education for Reflexology

The American Reflexology Certification Board specializes in certifying reflexologists with a hands-on proctor test. There is also a written portion in order to be certified as well. The ARCB certifies using the old fashioned method of face to face interviewing. Every person that is applying to be certified in reflexology must perform the best of their reflexology skills on a designated proctor to determine if skills are proficient enough to claim this highly esteemed national reflexology certification.

The ARCB also holds an annual convention as most legitimate organizations do like the AMTA, FSMTA and FSMTB. Organizations that do not hold annual conventions for their members are a sure sign of being in it for the money and wielding power behind closed doors.

Massage Specialties CEUs supports the ARCB and their efforts to protect the public while giving their members a chance to share ideas and techniques at ARCB conventions. When the public looks for a qualified reflexologist, one of the places they turn is the ARCB.

Massage specialties is a great way to advance your touch career and reflexology is one of the most popular massage specialties that the public wants performed for relaxation. Many massage therapists include various massage specialties in their massage session. Reflexology is one touch specialty that is a standalone massage specialty and one can have a successful career performing this ancient therapy.

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