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6 Benefits of Massage Therapy Continuing Education


89% of consumers agreed that massage therapy can be effective in reducing pain.

There is a major difference between the massage therapist, earning an average of less than $100 per hour and those that earn more than $200.

What brings these disparities in income? Continuing education that a massage therapist takes pays off in higher income in the long term. Please read below in a few minutes, to really understand the benefits are worth of expanding your knowledge for more career and income possibilities.

It is what celebrity message therapist like Dr. Dot and Rick Smith have done to increase value in their practice. If you are serious about increasing your income, enjoying your work and working less as a therapist, then continuing education will matter.

Continuing Education Leads to Specialization.

You cannot be the massage therapist for everybody. There are too many people out there. You will be underpaid and the work would cripple you.

Which leads to frustration? Specialization is all about positioning and the perceptions that you give clients. A therapist who specializes earns 100% more than a general massage therapist. A wise career move would be to obtain a couple specialization certifications that go hand in hand with massage therapy to expand income opportunities. After all, no one can perform massage therapy 40 hours per week and still have a life, and not damage their body.

You can market your specialization by the type of massage therapy that you offer clients. For instance, you can specialize only in Swedish massage, reflexology or deep tissue massage.

You can also specialize by the market you serve. For example, you could be a massage therapist for C-suite executives like CEOs, COO, CFO or a massage therapist for expectant mothers.

Clients and customers are more willing to pay you top dollars per hours because of your area of massage specialization. And the right place to start is by taking specialization courses that would put you ahead of the competition by expanding the services you offer.

Increasing your Marketing skills.

80% of consumers find massage therapists through referrals. It can be a recommendation from friends or relatives. 46% of consumers learn more about massage therapist through the television, newspapers and internet. 31% of consumers learn through the social media, 23% local events and 20% through locator services.

These are 5 mediums of marketing clients you use to find you. If you master any of these marketing skills, you will have a steady income, but you will also have high-paying, loyal massage clients.

How do you start to master all this...Through continuing education. When it comes to referrals, you need to understand that clients will need quality services. You must not be afraid to ask them for one referral and you promise you will only have their time slot open.

When it comes to the internet, your personal website will help you to be known as an expert. You don't tell clients to hire you; you must give them a reason why they should pay you more than the competitor.

If you look at the Dr. Dot or Rick Smith website, you will be convinced that they are professional. And the good news is that clients wouldn't even negotiate with them when they said that their services cost $300 or more per hour.

And when you run a search on Google, their name appears on the front page. Internet marketing skills and education will become relevant to your profession if you would like to earn more. Social media and others skill follows the same criteria.

How to apply this information: Get continuing education on marketing your massage therapist through the internet.

You must observe Compliance with the law.

It is now vital and necessary. The main reason why you need to continue your education is to comply with the law. You need to have a license to run your practice and most state massage laws require a certain amount of continuing education credits, so you may as well put them to good use to ensure your future.

According to the Bureau of labor statistics, 44% of the states and the District Colombia regulate Massage therapy. Depending on the state you live in, you want to be compliant with the law.

Meet your clients needs and surpass their expectations.

Let say you specialize in marketing massage to the golf trade, there are advanced massage techniques that you don't know about that pertain to certain injuries golfers are prone to happen. Any application of the techniques could lead to repeat business and you may even receive accolades for excellent work.

If you specialize in any massage type, keep an open mind and stay ahead on the latest techniques that could help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness in the area.

Sometimes all you need to do to keep long time paying clients is a little grace on your services. Or you could add extra services to attract more repeat business and referrals.

To keep yourself enthusiastic and motivated.

Let me tell you one thing.

It is not an easy profession even to those who say that they enjoy performing massage therapy. In fact, half of the students that attend massage therapy schools drop out. And out of those who do graduate, they leave this professional in about two or three years.

Why is this happening?

It is stressful by being physically demanding along with being emotionally draining and can an isolating career to be honest. However, when you put education in the picture, you become enthused and motivated to succeed in this career. In fact, you will find it enjoyable than people who do the 9 to 5 grind.

The key to fueling your motivation, passion and enthusiasm is through constant education in the massage industry. You get better and better by learning and practicing what you love. You network with different therapist who narrate to you their story on what they are doing different in the industry.

To Keep Up With Member Associations.

To be even recognized in this industry, you need education. There are associations that want therapists to have certain skills or meet certain requirement before they accept them as members.

For example for you to be accepted as a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and to keep up with their membership, you will need to be vetted through continuing education, or attain the right level of skills. The American Massage Therapy Association accepts our credentials for providing ceus to their AMTA members.

What to do next? And How this site can help you achieve what we have discussed above.

It is one thing to tell you that you need continuing education and why it matters.

And it is another thing to tell what to do next. For the curious, we have courses that can help you achieve your goals as a therapist. Please see our new Self Defense Instructor Course. This course helps to protect you and your family. This course will also certify you to help to teach others how to defend themselves. A great way to expand your career options while meeting new, potential massage therapy clients. However, if you need to get started with our program, you can contact us right away and we will tell you:

• What to expect in these courses that you would like to take from us?
• How you can include these services in your profession?
• How to introduce these services to clients?
• How to renew your license right away?

You benefit from all that information as a result of being out students. For questions, concerns and comment, we do our best to respond within 24 hours.

Continuing education in Massage therapy is a necessity. However, the right place to start will be to renew your license and this site provides that information under Approved States information. It's the states with the heart in them.

Second, with our courses you won't even break the bank. Basic knowledge about your current massage techniques blended with new career expansion ideas and techniques in massage therapy. You can learn these skills and tailor them in your services to meet and surpass the expectation of your clients.

They are more than 20 courses here that could help you right away. Our DVDs are guaranteed easy to learn from with confidence to use the new learned techniques right away. However, if you need more information or have a question to ask us before getting these courses, you can contact us right away.

Massage therapy is a good profession. However, to keep up with industry trends, continuous education is vital. We all need it. Like other professional to be recognized consultants, so is massage therapy. The students that take it serious and make it a passion are those that earn the most.

Like any other profession, they will always be three types of people. Those that earn less, those that earn average and few that command the most. And the difference boils down to the key things that we have talked about today.

Constant education in massage therapy is what will make you earn and love your work. My hope is that you now understand why education is necessary in this profession.

You can make money more in this profession, than only earn an average income. Know that you can earn more than what the average statistics claims if you educate yourself about additional skill sets, a little marketing savvy and luck. Think it and be it. All the best in good touch.