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Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • Cats and Dogs Need CPR too!

    CPR Instructions for Cats and Dogs

    We all love our best friends disguised as animals and accidents happen to them too like choking on food or a toy. This information comes from the University of Washington which explains that CPR for cats and dogs is similar to that of performing CPR for humans. These CPR instructions are under the premise that the animal is unconscious and the risk of being bitten by the animal is not presenting an additional problem.

    Here are the steps to perform CPR for your animal.

    1. Remove any obstruction.

    Open the animal’s mouth and make sure the air passage is clear. If not clear then try to remove the object obstructing the air passage by not causing more damage or harm to the animal like pushing it further down the windpipe.

    2. Extend the head and give several artificial respirations:

    A. For large dogs: close the animal's jaw tightly and breathe into the nose. The animal's chest should rise. Give 2 breaths.

    B. For small dogs and cats you may be able to cover the nose and mouth with your mouth as you breathe. The animal's chest should rise. Give 2 breaths.

    3. Next perform chest compressions.

    A. For large dogs you may be able to position the dogs on its back and compress the chest just like for humans.

    B. For small dogs and cats as well as large dogs with funnel chests, you may need to lie the animal on its side and compress the side of the rib cage. Alternatively you can position the animal on its back and press on both sides of the rib cage.

    C. The rate of chest compressions varies by the size of the animal

    1. Dogs over 60 lbs: 60 compressions per minute
    2. Animals 11 to 60 lbs: 80-100 compressions per minute
    3. Animals 10 lbs or less: 120 compressions per minute

    4. Alternate breaths with compressions

    The ratio of compressions to breaths should be approximately the same as for humans - 30:2 Continue doing this until the animal responds or begins to breathe on its own and feel about saving your best friend’s life.

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